Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Say Something More by Pamela Hale-Burns

There’s a Scripture that says, “Life and Death are in the power of the tongue…” What does that mean exactly? It means the words we say can either give life or take life from those to which we say those words.
So, I thought I would touch a bit on how important our words are, to each other and about each other.
Webster defines more as … to a greater or higher degree. When we say Something “More,” we should bring the listener to a greater or higher degree in their feelings, emotions and self-worth.
When people walk away from us, they should walk away uplifted, refreshed and empowered to not only do, but to say Something More about and to others.
Life is hard enough. We are surrounded by negativity - from the conversations around us to the headlines in the news. And as women, we often find ourselves doing a thousand things in the run of a day. How does it make you feel when a friend, a loved one, or even sometimes a total stranger, comes along side you to tell you how well you are doing or how proud they are of you or how much what you’ve done means to them?
I encourage each of us to reach out to at least one person who you know has and is doing Something More, and could use an encouraging word to empower them to keep doing More.
Let your Words Give Something More today – Give Life!  


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