Monday, April 24, 2017

Finding Something More and The Power of Reading by Pamela Hale-Burns

Finding Somthing More Team Member, Tammy Bliss, left, reads
to Sydney Pearson.
The Finding Something More team continues to share Something More through the Power of Reading. Shown here is team member Tammy Bliss, who recently began reading to Sydney Pearson. According to Sydney’s mother, Kathy, the reading time brightened her daughter’s day. “This program is amazing and Tammy is an absolute blessing in Sydney’s and our family’s life. Thank you so much for sending us this angel. Sydney enjoys her reading time very much. You can’t possibly understand what this means to Sydney and our family,” she said regarding Tammy’s recent visit to read.
Your voice can also open up someone's world through reading.  The Something More Power of Reading  program gives you the opportunity to read to someone with a disability, handicap, or who is in need.  It takes a mere 30 minutes a week, and a commitment to read just one book.

Finding Something More not only invites you to participate in this amazing program, we encourage you to visit and sign up today.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Karen's Interview Prep by Pamela Hale-Burns

Makeup by Roni Kiss
Karen shopping at Cason's Couture
Karen Koontz is continuing to Find Something More as she transitions from grieving, retired, and financially struggling widow, back into the workforce.
This week, in preparation for her upcoming job interviews, and with the support of her mentor Nancy, she experienced a makeover, which included hair, makeup and a new wardrobe.
Karen shopping
at Cason's Couture 
Her new wardrobe was provided by Kelly Cason’s, “Cason Coutour.” Hair and makeup was provided by Roni Kiss.

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